The Brock Student Sexual Violence Support Centre

Help for students and members of Brock University dealing with sexual violence.

About Us

We are a non-profit organization whose programs and services are geared towards the needs of students and youth. We support anyone who has been affected by sexual violence (including family/friends) and run education campaigns aimed at preventing violence.

Supports for Survivors

  • 24/hr Text Line (289-990-7233)
  • 24/hr Email Support (
  • Phone Support
  • Peer Support
  • Advocacy
  • Accompaniments
  • Court Support
  • Financial & Practical Assistance

Text&Email Support

You can text us any time of day or night and we will get back to you within 30 minutes. All support emails will be returned within 12 hours. It is confidential and fast. There are many times, day and night, where people might need a bit of support but might not be able to call in. This crisis/support text line and email support is for all these times. Whether you are on a bus, at a party, or just at home, the Brock Student Sexual Violence Support Centre text line and email support is here.

You will always remain anonymous; we do not need to know your name or contact information. Texts are responded to by trained volunteers who provide non-judgemental and confidential support.

This support service is for everyone. You can ask questions for yourself, your friends, or your family members. Everything you text will always remain confidential. We will never share your information with anyone, including police, university staff, or anyone else.

No matter how big or small your problems/questions are, we are here. You can text for information, you can text us because you feel alone or hurt, you can text us because you’re scared, because you need a friend, because you want to be heard. What ever the reason, we will always be here.

Peer Support

Our peer support program offers an opportunity for you to receive weekly support from one of our volunteers. You get to help decide what this support looks like: a weekly phone call, an email, in-person support, or a text.

If you want to participate in our peer support program, send us an email at or text our support line (289-990-7233). We will connect you with a trained volunteer who can provide some on-going support.

We provide the option for completely anonymous peer support. Send us a text and we can give you an email address and password for your own anonymous email account to send from.


We know that sexual assault impacts so many areas of someone’s life. We are here to help if you want an advocate to assist you with any problems you’re having on campus or off until you feel capable of doing so yourself. This might include but is not limited to academic accommodations, financial and housing assistance, legal support, and dealing with stalking, sexual harassment, or any other problems you may be experiencing. We are also able to assist in letter writing, telephone calls, and other meetings as requested.


Volunteers can accompany you anywhere you might need some support. This might include the hospital, police station, doctor’s appointment, or other related appointments. To request an accompaniment, text our 24/hour support line (289-990-7233), email, or call our office at 905-397-7671.

Court Support

It takes a lot of courage to report sexual assault. It’s even more difficult to go through the process alone. Our court support program works to support anyone who has experienced sexual violence and is going through the legal system. We can be there from the beginning when you make your report to the end when the trial happens. We provide information on court processes and in-person support throughout the trial to help make it a bit easier for you. To find out more, text our 24/hour support line (289-990-7233) or email

Practical Assistance

Students already lead difficult lives. Survivors of sexual violence feel the affects of student poverty alongside trauma and further financial vulnerability. Survivors deserve support and so our Urgent Needs Cupboard is a safe and anonymous way for students to get:

  • Food
  • Bus tickets (sometimes student cards are lost, stolen, or temporarily inaccessible)
  • Toiletries (toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.)
  • Blankets
  • Clothing
  • Other requested items


Financial Assistance

The Urgent Needs Fund is for all other temporary urgent costs. It may include:

  • Bus tickets home
  • Textbooks
  • Costs for temporary housing
  • Assistance covering medicine costs
  • Gift cards to purchase food and/or personal care products
  • Taxis to get to the hospital and the Sexual Assault Domestic Violence Treatment Centre


We want to help in every way we can. If you need help with something, even if it seems unrelated, we’re here. Dealing with sexual violence can add a lot of stress to life. We’re on your side, what ever we can do to make life go just a bit easier, we’re here.